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  • Satellite Systems Research Laboratory

    The Satellite Systems Research Laboratory research into increasing the knowledge in Space Science Engineering by designing creative, innovative, educative and scientific satellites and it’s supporting elements for students and the users of Space Science and its Related Technology.

    Blue Sky satelite
  • Aerospace Research Laboratory

    The Aerospace Research Laboratory is a component of SSSRI which contribute to its general objectives and provide Aerospace solutions and services to solve challenges in the modern day world for commercial, private and government projects

    Blue Sky Aeroplane
  • Robotics Research Laboratory

    This Laboratory focus on Perception and Kinematics of mobile robotics in space exploration and also to train students who are interested in gaining knowledge in programming and construction of mobile robotics.

    Blue Sky robot
  • Environmental Research Laboratory

    The environmental science and engineering laboratory is to research, develop practical, sustainable and cost effective solutions and systems to everyday environmental related issues using a multi-disciplinary approach in the sub-region and Africa as a whole.

    Blue Sky environment


Space Science Systems Research Institute

Aerospace Research Laboratory

Research in aerospace technology, innovative aerospace transport and launching systems applicable to space exploration .

Environmental Research Laboratory

The environmental research laboratory is to research, develop practical, sustainable and cost effective solutions and systems to everyday environmental related issues.

Robotics Research Laboratory

Research in autonomous systems and application in robots, acquiring knowledge about its environment for space exploration.

Satellite Systems Research Laboratory

Research, design and construct high performance Satellite Ground Station, miniature satellites and Nano-Satellite with its subsystems for experiment.

SSSRI opens its Online Engineering Diploma, registration starts from 5th February, 2016 and ends on 3rd April, 2016. Lectures are taken online and practicals in our various labs. It is a 16 months Program with a cap project Programs offered are: Aerospace engineering, Atmospheric Science, Computer Engineering, Environmental Science, Robotics Engineering, Satellite Systems Engineering.

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  • wolfgang
    WOLFGANG PAULI 1900 – 1958

    Physics is very muddled again at the moment; it is much too hard for me anyway, and I wish I were a movie comedian or something like that and had never heard anything about physics!

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    ERNEST RUTHERFORD 1871 - 1937

    All of physics is either impossible or trivial. It is impossible until you understand it, and then it becomes trivial.

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