Prof. Sean Tuttle

Prof. Tuttle is a space systems engineer and senior lecturer in Space Engineering at University of New South Whales Canberra - Australia, with 15 years of space industry experience and 5 years post-doctoral space engineering research and development. Following the completion of his PhD, He managed a collaborative research project between the University of Queensland and the Japanese Space Agency for a little over 2 years.

After this, He embarked on a career in the European Space industry, working in the United Kingdom (for 7 years) and in Germany (for 8 years). During this time, he undertook a variety of roles from design, analysis and test, launch and in-orbit support, future mission planning and project management.

Some of my notable roles included leading the thermal design of the Rosetta mission, the BepiColombo MTM and the early ExoMars rover design. He is now working at UNSW Canberra where he is developing a space engineering research program, leading the development of space engineering education and setting up a space simulation facility to enable flexible, cost-effective space environmental testing for research and education.

His mission is “to create spacecraft and their subsystems for interesting missions.” “Interesting” means novel (such as extending the application of small spacecraft to missions beyond LEO) and useful to society (such as improving wildlife and natural resource management).

To do this, development of novel techniques and devices is required in order to evolve today’s state-of-the-art at subsystem- and system-level. Prof. Tuttle has rich international experience, working in Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and Queensland, as Systems Engineer and as a Lecturer.

Major Skills

  • Space systems engineer
  • Space Engineering
  • launch and in-orbit support
  • ExoMars rover design
  • future mission planning and project management